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  • Title: The Boom Room
  • Author: Rick Blechta
  • ISBN: 9781459805149
  • Publisher: Orca
  • Published: 2014
  • Category: Fiction
  • Series: Rapid Reads Fiction
  • Reading Level: 4.2 Fry Reading Level

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    Detective Mervin Pratt is enjoying a quiet dinner at his favourite Italian restaurant when he's called in to assist at a murder scene at a popular downtown nightclub. The manager has been stabbed to death in his office. The lead investigator, Detective Gordon, no friend of Pratt's, sees it as an open-and-shut case. He has the suspect, motive and even the murder weapon. But Pratt is unwilling to jump to conclusions.

    When Pratt's young partner, Dave Ellis, arrives on the scene uninvited and quetly tells Pratt that the suspect is his half brother, Pratt finds himself in an ethical dilemma. Elilis can have nothing to do with the investigation, and his connection to the case should be reported. On the other hand, Gordon's attempt to railroad the suspect and his outright antagonism to Pratt's involvement rub the detective the wrong way. The only solution, of course, is to solve the crime.  

    About the Author

    Rick Blechta has two passions in life: music and writing. A professional musician since age fourteen, he brings his extensive knowledge of that life to his crime fiction. He is now the author of six novels, one of which, Cemetery of the Nameless, was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award (2005). He has now written two novels for the Rapid Reads series: Orchestrated Murder, and The Boom Room.

    About the Series

    Rapid Reads is a line of short novels for new young adult and adult readers. Rapid Reads are intended for a diverse audience, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants and enjoys high-interest short novels. The plots are contemporary and entertaining, with adult language and themes.