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  • Title: Novel Scenes - In a Tight Spot (Low-Beginning Student Book)
  • ISBN: 9781564205414
  • Item#: 2541
  • Author: Ann Gianola
  • Publisher: New Readers Press
  • Published: 2010
  • Category: ESL, Reading & Writing
  • Reading Level: 3 & Up 

Preview: Sample Pages of "In a Tight Spot" Student Book


Min-Jee finds a job and then discovers that her co-worker is breaking the rules. What shoud she do?

About the Series

Novel Scenes is a four-book series where each book tells the story of a single character in situations which adult students can relate to and where events - much like regular novels - unfold chapter by chapter. Characters in the story find themselves in unexpected situations that new adult learners can relate to. Ideal for students in ESL, Literacy and ABE instruction.


  • Suspenseful plots and twists that motivates students to keep reading
  • Themes include work, family, money, housing, and so on
  • Practice exercies between chapters build students comprehension, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills
  • Associated Teacher's Guides that are available with each book/level includes an audio CD. Recordings of the stories, dialogs, and listening exercises facilitate fluency, listening, and pronunciation practice. The Teacher's Guide itself offers teaching suggestions and an answer key