How to Find a Job in Canada (5521)

Code: 9780195427950

Author: Efim Cheinis and Dale Sproule
ISBN: 9780195427950
Item #: 5521
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2008
Category: Citizenship and Community
Type: Paperback
Reading Level: Intermediate





Written by Efim Cheinis, who is himself once a newcomer from Russia, and Dale Sproule, owner of the Canadian Newcomer Magazine, this second book in the Canadian Newcomer series deals with all aspects of the Canadian job hunt as it relates to newcomers.

Quite often, newcomers' expectations of the Canadian job market and job search are unrealistic. By providing newcomers with access to How to Find a Job in Canada before arriving and upon arrival in Canada, they are able to learn and understand the Canadian job market facts and intricacies. Through proper preparation and learning, immigrants will be able to provide for their families and prosper in their new country. From résumé writing to Canadian workplace etiquette, the book uses a problem-solution format to answer newcomers' most common questions.  Features include:

Throrough, realistic, step-by-step approach to the job hunt
Deals with common issues such as deciding where to immigrate in Canada based on job availability, understanding the hidden and visible job markets, writing a résumé appropriate for the Canadian job market, practising and preparing for job interviews work expectations and etiquette
Uses real-life immigrant experiences in order to exemplify various points in the book and help readers relate to the material and information
Engages learners through visuals such as maps, graphs, charts and diagrams

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