Arrival Survival Canada: Handbook for New Immigrants (5520)

Code: 9780195428919

Author: Nick Noorani and Sabrina Noorani
ISBN: 9780195428919
Item #: 5520
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2008
Type: Paperback
Category: Citizenship and Community
Readng Level: Intermediate





This handbook is an ideal guide for immigrants, particularly in the first year of their new lives in Canada as it covers a wide array of subjects, such as packing before emigrating, opening bank accounts, creating a credit history, and understanding Canadian school systems. The book guides readers through Canadian culture and outlines solutions to the issues that newcomers typically encounter. The book provides new immigrants, and people still considering immigration, with a foundation of information upon which to build their new lives. Other features include:

Includes stories of immigrants' authentic experiences and successes
Incorporates frequently asked questions for easy references, as well as a glossary of key terms to explain new, unfamiliar, specifically Canadian words
Helps readers learn fun, interesting facts about Canada which are included in feature boxes
Encourages readers to read actively and personalize the information in the book to their specific needs and experiences, with "Creating Your Canadian Experience" feature at the end of each unit
Engages readers with dynamic maps, graphs, and tables that help them relate to and understand the text

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