A Beginning Look at Canada 4E Book (139103)

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A Beginning Look at Canada is a text for post-literacy to high-beginner ESL students who wish to learn about Canada while improving their reading and writing skills. It is also useful for other adult learners and students in the school system. Seventy readings describe fundamental facts and concepts about Canada’s geography, history, people and government in an easy-to-understand, sequenced format. 

Each reading is accompanied by several exercises to check comprehension and to develop reading skills such as skimming and scanning for information, categorizing, and reading charts and maps.
Provides an accessible format supported by numerous maps and functional illustrations that bolster understanding. 
Key terms are explained in a glossary to build vocabulary.

What’s new:

4-colour interior
updated layout with opening spreads for each part
all new photos with captions to help students learn more about Canada
updated content including statistics from 2017

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