Oxford Practice Grammar: Basic w CD-ROM (C141)

Code: 9780194579780

ISBN: 9780194579780
Author: Norman Coe, Mark Harrison and Ken Paterson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Category: Dictionaries, Grammar & Reference
Published: 2006




Series Synopsis

The Oxford Practice Grammar is a series of three books intended for students in a classroom or working independently. The books are divided into units, each of which covers an important grammar topic. Each unit starts with an explanation of the grammar followed by a set of practice exercises. Tests at the end of each unit or section provides more opportunities for practice and assessment of progress.

Answer keys to exercises are included at the back of each book.  An interactive CD-ROM also included with each book provides students with alternative ways to practice, such as listening, reading and writing.

Alternative versions of the series without answer keys and CD-ROMs are also available. Please contact New Readers Bookstore for ordering and pricing information.

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