Conversations for Work Student Book (2587)

Code: 9781564205872


Conversations For Work is designed to help beginning ESL students develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively on the job.

The Student Book includes listening exercise prompts, an answer key for students to check their own activities, and vocabulary activities with lists of useful words and phrases for learners' reference.
There are pages for students to record new words they will need in their current or future jobs.
Topics include: Jobs; Useful Verbs; Safety Equipment, Signs, and Warnings; and Useful Expressions.

The Teacher's Guide and audio are combined together as a set - and gives an overview of effective techniques for teaching the basic lesson components and ideas for expanding activities, suggestions for previewing the topic and for explaining and discussing key issues.
There are reproducible photocopy masters with expansion activities for practice on lesson content.
The audio presents core conversation prompts, and dialogues exposes beginning learners to other voices.

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