English for Life: Listening - Intermediate (CB46)

Code: 9780007458721

Author: Ian Badger
ISBN: 9780007458721
Item #: CB46
Publisher: Collins ELT
Published: 2012
Category: Listening and Speaking, ELL, ESL
Type: Paperback
Level: CEF B1, Intermediate





English for Life is an innovative skills series based on authentic materials and relevant topics students need in order to live, work and communicate in English. Each book adopts a unique approach to work, and allows students/teachers the flexibility to use the book individually, together as a course book, or as a supplementary resource for self-study or in a classroom.  There are four books at each level: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

To improve their listening skills, students need to hear real conversations. That's why the Collins Listening book is based entirely on 50 authentic everyday interactions to help students understand what is said to them, whatever the circumstances. From buying a mobile phone to asking for directions, joining a gym to understanding transport announcements, this book will help students understand what is said to them in real life situations and make sure everything they learn or hear is useful. The book includes:

Clearly design, full-colour book
Twenty, 4-page, instructional units with exercises and vocabulary work to help students understand the difference in pronunciation and vocabulary 
A CD with authentic recordings of both native and non-native speakers of English covering a wide variety of accents from around the world
Recordings include face-to-face conversations, public announcements, telephone calls, bookings, shopping scenarios and more 
Additional real vocabulary for everyday life, taken from the Cobuild English corpus
Answer key

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