Perfecting Your English Pronunciation w DVD (MG29)

Code: 9780071750172

Author: Susan Cameron
ISBN: 9780071750172
Item#: MG29
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Published: 2012
Category: Listening & Speaking
Type: Paperback
Pages: 240





Developed by acclaimed speech consultant and accent specialist Susan Cameron, this book features her successful method which focuses on the anatomical placement of sound and on the musculature used in articulating English words. Where other accent reduction/English pronunciation products rely solely on mimicking of audio sounds, this work focuses visually, audibly, and narratively on the phsyical ability to speak (North American-accented) English, noting that many sounds of English may be difficult for soem students because some tongue positions used in English may not be used in their native language.  

The 45-minute DVD introduces you to mouth and jaw exercises to prepare you for English, then demonstrates mouth formations and tongue placement using other non-native narrators. Students will see and hear how English sounds - enableing them to become more and more comfortable conversing with Native English speakers as they go through the program.

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