Totally True Student Book 3 (C059)

Code: 194302059

Author: Jann Huizenga
ISBN: 9780194302050
Item#: C059
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2005
Category: Reading & Writing, ESL
Series: Totally True
Page Count: 99 




Item Description


Totally True is a three-level series that helps students build vocabulary by teaching common words in the context of suprising and entertaining true stories.

At each level there are 39 stories supported by photos, pictures and activities
Multiple exposure to new vocabulary in the activities, review units, and Unit Tests promotes succesful learning. "Learn word partnership" sections and personalization activities allow students to use the new vocabulary meaningfully
Review tests every few units for measuring comprehension
The language levels in Totally True are tited to the Oxford Bookworms materials
Audio CDs (sold separately) containing recordings of the stories, and dictation exercises in the book are available for each level
Free teacher's resources can be downloaded from the publisher's website (click here). Registration may be necessary

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