From Home to School: CD 2 (2309)

Code: 9781564203090

Author: Ann Gianola
ISBN: 9781564203090
Item#: 2309
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2003
Category: Family Literacy, ESL, Reading and Writing
Series: From Home to School series
Reading Level: Level 2 & Up




About the Audio-CD

The audio-CD presents a reading for each of the story contained in the book, dialogues for each lesson, and prompts for listening activities.

Series Synopsis

From Home to School is an engaging series geared to parents of school-age children and serves as an excellent supplement to any Family Literacy, Adult Basic Education, or ESL program.

Each student book contains 15 motivating stories set against the backdrop of school culture covering topics such as health, nutrition, and school performance. These stories serve as the foundation for lesson material. Each story portrays characters in situations that are sometimes entertaining, or sometimes challenging, but always familiar to parents. Theme-based activities following each story check comprehension, encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, extend vocabulary, and strengthen listening, speaking, and writing skills.

From Home to School helps adult learners develop reading fluency and invites meaningful interaction related to common concerns parents have about school-related issues. Activities based on each story helps parents gain a deeper understanding of these issues and provide them with tools for making decisions that will nurture their children's development.

Series Components:

Literacy Level - Student Book
Level 1: Student Book, Workbook and Audio-CD
Level 2: Student Book, Workbook and Audio-CD

While stories are different in the various books, the underlying lesson themes are similar at all 3 levels, allowing for great flexibility for the multi-level classroom.

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