Novel Scenes - Rooms With A View Low Intermediate SB (2547)

Code: 9781564205476

ISBN: 9781564205476
Item#: 2547
Author: Ann Gianola
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2010
Category: ESL, Reading & Writing
Reading Level: 5 & Up

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Amelia needs a job. She accepts one that she doesn't want, but she does it so well that she is offered a position perfectly aligned to her skills and interest.

About the Series

Novel Scenes is a four-book series where each book tells the story of a single character in situations which adult students can relate to and where events - much like regular novels - unfold chapter by chapter. Characters in the story find themselves in unexpected situations that new adult learners can relate to. Ideal for students in ESL, Literacy and ABE instruction.


Suspenseful plots and twists that motivates students to keep reading
Themes include work, family, money, housing, and so on
Practice exercies between chapters build students comprehension, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills
Associated Teacher's Guides that are available with each book/level includes an audio CD. Recordings of the stories, dialogs, and listening exercises facilitate fluency, listening, and pronunciation practice. The Teacher's Guide itself offers teaching suggestions and an answer key

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