Survive! (C004)

Code: 9780194234306

Author:Helen Brooke 
ISBN: 9780194234306
Category: Human Interest
Series: Oxford Bookwork
Reading Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Page Count: 40





"You are in a small plane, going across the Rocky Mountains. Suddenly, the engine starts to make strange noises . . . Soon you are alone, in the snow, at the top of a mountain, and it is very, very cold. Can you find your way out of the mountain?"

About the Author

Helen Brooke ws born in the north of England. She has worded in many different jobs, in many different countries, all around the world. She now lives near Oxford England. She is very interested in interactive reading. She has also written Mystrery in London (Starter) for the Oxford Bookworms Library.

About the Series

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