The Lottery Winner (C103)

Code: 9780194789073

Author:Rosemary Boarder 
Category:Human Interest
Series:Oxford Bookwork
Reading Level:Beginner/Intermediate
Page Count:56





Everybody wants to win the lottery. A million pounds, perhaps five million, even ten million. How wonderful! Emma Carter buys a ticket for the lottery every week, and puts the ticket carefully in her bag. She is seventy-three years old and does not have much money. She would like to visit her son in Australia, but aeroplane tickets are very expensive.

Jason Williams buys lottery tickets every week too. But he is not a very nice young man. He steals things. He hits old ladies in the street, snatches their bags and runs away.......

About the Author

Rosemary Border is a very experienced teacher and writer. She has also worked as an editor, a lawyer and a journalist. She is the author of many books for learners of English - more than she can remember. She said, " I stop counting after 150."

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