Pocahontas (N101)

Code: 9780194789165

Author: Tim Vicary 
ISBN: 9780194789165
Publisher: Oxford
Category: Non- Fiction
Series: Oxford Bookwork
Reading Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Page Count: 56





"A beautiful young Indian girl, and a brave Englishman. Black eyes, and blue eyes. A friendly smile, a laugh, a look of love . . . But this is North America in 1607, and love is not easy. The girl is the daughter of King Powhatan, and the Englishman is a white man. And the Indians of Virginia do not want the white men in their beautiful country.

About the Author

Tim Vicary is an experienced teacher and writer, and has written several storeis for the Oxford Bookworms Library. Many of these books are in the Thriller & Adventure series, such as White Death (at stage 1), or in the True Stories Series, like The Coldest Place on Earth, which is illustrated by photographs taken on the actual expeditions to the South Pole. 

About the Series

Oxford Bookworms Library provides a range of books to help ensure the language level is right for your student. Each title includes an Introduction, Glossary, About the Author Information, and Before, While and After Reading Activities. For each stage there is a Teacher's Handbook, Tests and Activity Worksheets.

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