Changing their Skies: Stories from Africa (C206)

Code: 9780194790826

Author: Retold by Jennifer Bassett
ISBN: 9780194790826
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Category: Fiction
Series: Oxford Bookworm Library
Reading Level: Stage 2 (Approximately Grade 2-3), 700 Headwords
Page Count: 40




Publisher's Synopsis

"Then a letter came for Aloo from a famous college in America. They offered him a place... a place with a scholarship. Aloo could not believe it at first. He read the letter again and again." Aloo is very happy, but soon he finds that it is not so easy.  He will need money to live on, money for his plane ticket... And then there is Mother...

Bookworms World Stories collect stories written in English from around the world. This volume has stories from Malawi, South Africa, and Tanzania by African writers Steve Chimombo, Farida Karodia, and M.G. Vassanji.  

Series Description

Oxford Bookworms Library provides a range of books to help ensure the language level is right for the student. Each title includes an Introduction, Glossary, About the Author Information, and Before, While and After Reading Activities.

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