The Bride Price (C501)

Code: 9780194792189

Author: Buchi Emecheta
ISBN: 9780194792189
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Oxford Bookworms Library
Category: Fiction 
Reading Level: Stage 5 (Approx Grade 5-6), 1800 Headwords
Page count: 85




Publisher's Synopsis

When her father dies, Aku-nna and her young brother have no one to look after them. They are welcomed by their uncle because of Aku-nna's 'bride price' - the money that her future husband will pay for her. In her new, strange home one man is kind to her and teaches her to become a woman. Soon they are in love, although everyone says he is not a suitable husband for her. The more the world tries to separate them, the more they are drawn together - until, finally, something has to break.

About the Author

Florence Onyi Buchi Emecheta was born to Igbo parents in a small village near Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, in 1944. She moved to Britain with her student husband in 1962, studied Sociology at the University of London, has worked in a library and later as a community worker, while bringing up her five sons. Her first novel was published in 1972, and since then she has written about twenty novels, as well as children's books and television plays. She lives in North London.

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