Great Expectations (C503)

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Title: Great Expectations
Series: Oxford Bookworm Library
Level: Intermediate, Stage 5 (1800 Headwords, 23000 Average word count) 
ISBN: 9780194792264


"It is a great human weakness to wish to be the same as our friends.  If they are rich, we wish to be rich. If they are poor, then we don't mind being equally poor.  We are not ashamed of being stupid, we are only ashamed of being more stupid than our friends.  It is a matter of comparison.

It is also a matter of expectations.  We don't miss things that we never expected to have.  We are not disappointed at being poor if we never expected to be rich.

Pip is poor and uneducated, but so are his friends.  For them, this is normal; this is what life is like.  But when Pip is told that he has 'greater expectations', he becomes dissatisfied.  He is ashamed of his friends, and he is ashamed of himself.  His epectations are in danger of ruining his life."

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