Playing with Fire: Stories from the Pacific Rim (C308)

Code: 9780194792844

Author: Retold by Jennifer Bassett
ISBN: 9780194792844
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Oxford Bookworms Library - World Stories
Category: Fiction, Short Stories
Reading Level: Stage 3 (Approx Grade 3-4), 1000 Headwords 
Page count:




Publisher's Synopsis

"He smiled, showing teeth yellow from cigarette smoke. He looked at his desk diary, then at her papers again. 'Mmm...a hundred pesos a month, Why, that's one thousand two hundred pesos a year. Surely, you can afford to buy me a forty-peso dinner!' How can Marina say no? How can she refuse the Chief's next request? He is an evil man, but she needs her promotion." How can Marina say no? How can she refuse the Chief's next request? He is an evil man but she needs her promotion...

Bookworms World Stories collect stories written in English from around the world. Stories in this collection are from Toga, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, and feature works by Epeli Hau'ofa, Denise Whittaker, F. Stionil Jose, David A. Kulu, and Graeme Lay.

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