Math Sense 2: Focus on Analysis (2693)

Code: 9781564206930

ISBN: 9781564206930
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2014
Category: Math & Numeracy
Series: Math Sense 2
Reading Level: 9 - 10
Type: Paperback





Math Sense 2 is the updated and newly revised edition of the popular GED-level math preparation series, Math Sense. Now condensed into three books, each covering a different range of math topic areas, Math Sense 2 provides adult learners with the instructions and practice they require to succeed in life, at work, and on the high school equivalency test.

Topics covered in the books:

Focus on Operations: Whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, percents, and measurements.
Focus on Problem Solving: Numbers and properties, the basics of algebra, solving problems with algebra, geometry basics, and connecting algebra and geometry
Focus on Analysis: Data analysis, counting problems and probability, systems of equations, functions, polynomials and rational expressions, and quadratic equations

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