Pre-HSE: Writing 1 - Grammar Spelling & Writing Basic (2641)

Code: 9781964206411

ISBN: 9781564206411
Item#: 2641
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2014
Category: GED Preparation
Type: Paperback, Saddlestitch
Pages: 63

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Series Synopsis

This newly revised edition of the bestselling Pre-GED workbooks have been updated to accelerate student progress from the Pre-High School Equivalency (Pre-HSE) level work to the higher level thinking skills required for the new high school equivalency tests, including the GED test (2014 series).

Easy to use, each workbookfeatures:

a skills inventory pre-test and diagnostic chart
Two-page lesson formats that provide basic skills review and practice
Cumulative reviews for each unit that models HSE-type test items
Post-test to determine readiness for HSE-Level work
Complete answers and explanations for all pre-test, practice and post-test questions

Workbooks available in this series:

Reading: Comprehension and Critical Thinking
Writing 1: Grammar, Spelling and Writing Basics
Writing 2: Developing and Organizing Written Responses
Social Studies: Critical Thinking and Graphic Literacy (note: strong American-orientated topics)
Math 1: Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, Percents and Measurement
Math 2: Algebraic Thinking, Data Analysis, and Probability
Science: Scientific Reasoning, Practices and Data Analysis

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