Frontier College Tutor's Guide: Working with Adults (FC437)

Code: 9780921031437

Author: Various (Edited by Kristine Morris)
ISBN: 9780921031437
Publisher: Frontier College
Category: Non-Fiction, Development & Training, Reference
Published: 2011
Notes: Previously published as Frontier College Tutor's Handbook (1997)





This Tutor's Guide - produced by Canada's original literacy organization - is designed for tutors who are helping adults improve their skills in reading, writing and numeracy.  It provides tutors with ideas, tools and additional resources as they work with a learner to improve his or her skills. The revised edition of this popular guide includes:

Information on learning styles, goal setting, and setting tutor-learner boundarries
Detailed strategies for working with a student at both the beginner and intermediate levels
Information on working with specific populations such as street youth, prison inmates, people with disabilities, and English Language Learners
Information on numeracy

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