More Stories Plus Student Book (2518)

Code: 9781564205186

Author: Ann Gianola
ISBN: 9781564205186
Item#: 2518
Publisher: New Readers Press
Published: 2001
Category: Reading & Writing, ESL
Reading Level: Level 2 & Up




Series Synopsis

Colin breaks a tooth and needs an emergency dentist appointment. Emma never leaves the house because she is always on the Internet. Hal speeds through an intersection and gets a ticket.  Alma looks forward to a special birthday gift from her grandmother.

Low-beginning level adult ESL learners will enjoy meeting these characters and many others who face the typical ups and downs of everyday life. Fifteen entertaining and light-hearted stories provide students with motivating material to develop reading fluency and stimulate lively discussion. Features:


Activities follow each story and provide an added Plus with focused practice in reading comprehension, critical thinking and language skills
Activities include a wide range of skill-building activities, cloze exercises, discussion starters, comprehension checks, vocabulary exercises, listening activities, and more

Students will enjoy reading every one of these stories - in any order they wish - and take pride in the valuable skills they develop.

A Teacher's Guide and Audio component are available; sold separately.

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