Voyager Teacher's Guide 3 - 2nd Edition (2916)

Code: 9781564209160

ISBN: 9781564209160

Publisher: New Readers Press

Series: Voyager: Reading and Writing for Today's Adults (2nd edition)

Category: Reading & Writing

Type: Paperback




Publisher's Synopsis

The Voyager series offers essential strategies your students need to become successful readers and writers. What's New in Voyager, 2nd edition?

New design
New illustrations
Teacher's Guides contain lesson notes, extension activities, photocopy masters and graphic organizers
The new Voyager series comprises of the following levels: Introduction, 1, 2 and 3. At the end of Voyager 3, students are reading short passages at the third-grade level and are prepared to continue on to the "Endeavor - Reading and Writing for Adults" series.

Voyager Introduction reviews the alphabet and helps students develop core sight vocabulary while learning basic phonic skills. Voyager 1 introduces reading comprehension strategies and the writing process, and increases in difficulty with Voyager 2 and Voyager 3.


Redesigned and streamlined, Voyager provides a solid foundation of balanced instruction to ensure success:

Phonics and word recognition strategies develop vocabulary
Learning goals empower students
Pre-reading and active reading strategies engage students
Writing process instruction builds on students' experiences
Reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are integrated into every lesson

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